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自動販売機(vending machine)

Maybe you’ve heard that vending machines are overflowed in Japan. That’s absolutely right, the machines are everywhere! You can find them at the station, on the street, at the center of rice paddy, at the top of the mountain. (believe me)

You can buy drink, cigarette, railway tickets, ice cream, rice, vegetables, pornography.

公衆電話 (Pay Telephone)

Since cell phone is in widespread use in Japan, you can see an empty phone booth everywhere.

The green pay phone is old fashion. You can use a telephone card.
The gray one is newer. Of course, telephone cards are available. And you can turn up/down the volume, use your notebook with the modular connector.


Do you know 居酒屋(Izakaya)? If you want to have a drink in Japan with your friends, let’s go to Izakaya. The prices at Izakaya is very reasonable.

Izakaya is commonly called 赤ちょうちん(Akachōchin; red lantern) for its advertising display. You can see it in this photo, with printed hiragana “やきとり”(Yakitori; grilled chicken).

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This is a Japanese famous paint, “Pentel F”.