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桜と花見 (cherry blossom and Hanami)

花見 means “flower viewing”, and this “flower” is mostly cherry blossom.

Hanami is a sort of outdoor party, so eating and drinking is more important than viewing flowers. In Spring, many Japanese people have lunch or dinner beneath the cherry trees.

I took these photos at Shukugawara Sta., JR Nambu Line, Kanagawa Prefecture.
During the Hanami season, famous park like Ueno is too crowded to enjoy…

交通信号(traffic light)

This is a typical Japanese traffic light directed to cars. It has green, yellow, red light. Each color means:
green: go
yellow: stop, unless the emergency brake is needed
red: stop

Green lights are often called “blue” in Japan.
Young people tend to call blue, and older people tend to call green. (Why? I don’t know.)

personal resume

Of course, you need to send your resume to get a job in Japan. This picture shows ordinary one.
I must write my age, sex, and must attach my facial portrait. Yes, recruiting people by basing on their age is legal in Japan.

Maybe you’ve heard “年功序列”(seniority system). This is why Japanese company make much account of your age. (not your skill, but your age!)

From the point of view of business, unfortunately, Japan is a closed society.
Many people from other countries find it difficult to work in Japan.