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Definitive stamp (50 yen)

A definitive stamp for postcards in Japan is 50 yen, a mandarin duck.

This stamp has interesting perforation. Center one is not circle, but ellipse. This perforation comes in just these days(from about January, 2010), so you can see both normal perforation and ellipse perforation now.

Stamps of Mandarin duck appeared in 2007. Previous definitive stamps(50 yen) was Mejiro.

In Japanese, メジロ(Mejiro) means “the white eye”. Yes, their eyes have white fringe.
I prefer this Mejiro rather than current mandarin duck. This Mejiro is pretty simple and fancy, isn’t it?

ゴミ分別 (How to separate garbage)

When you come to Japan, you may encounter serious problem — separating garbage.

This document shows how to separate your garbage in Yokohama-City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Yokohama has strict policy, so you must separate:
(1) Burnable Garbage
(2) Dry-cell Batteries
(3) Spray Cans
(4) Non-burnable Garbage
(5) Plastic containers/Package
(6) Cans, Bottles and Plastic PET Bottles
(7) Small Metal Items
(8) Recycle paper
(9) Used Cloth
(10) Large Garbage
(see: How to Put Out Your Garbage and Recyclables – Yokohama)

Can you believe it? I can’t distinguish between (4) and (5) yet. 🙂
They say that items of (4) has “プラ” mark, such as below:

Japan, what a diligent country!

アニメフィギュア (anime figure)

Of course, I don’t mean about skating, but about anime and manga.
Japanese Otaku *loves* anime and manga figures. Yes, I also hava some figures. 🙂

This figure is “Alisa Southerncross” from Sgt. Frog.

At figure shops in Akihabara, You can see a number of figures tidily displayed in glass case — It’s really grand view.
I’ll post articles about Akihabara in another time.