Manners on escalator

When you take on escalator in Japan, you can see polite people in a row.

They stand on the left side, nobody stands on the right side. No exception! Everybody seems to be shipshape.
In Japan, people leave one side on escalator for those in a hurry. So, you should know “Stand on the left, walk on the right” in Tokyo.

Curiously, in Tokyo, they stand on the left side. On the other hand, in Osaka, they stand on the right side. Maybe you think “This is a diffrence of customary between Kanto(関東) and Kansai(関西)”. But this idea is WRONG.
In Kyoto(Of course, Kyoto is placed in Kansai), the open side is inconstant. Some people stand on the left, other people stand on the right in Kyoto. Maybe they stand on a whim.

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