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The cherry blossoms at 新宿(Shinjuku)

Oh, I find June has almost come… but I still have pictures of sakura blossoms taken in April. 😮

Here shows pictures of the sakura blossoms at 新宿(Shinjuku), Tokyo, about two months ago.

Whew!! Thanks for I’m living in Japan! 🙂


He’s my colleague.

At lunch time, many business people come out of office buildings, and take their lunch under the Sakura trees.

Here is 北新宿(North Shinjuku), there are many tall buildings.

Cold Spring

I took above pictures nearby 淀橋(Yodobashi; Yodo Bridge). Google Maps Here.
From the word “Yodobashi”, maybe you imagine the shopping store Yodobashi Camera. Well, it’s half right and half wrong.

Yodobashi also means the division of Tokyo, 淀橋区(Yodobashi-ku). So, Yodobashi Camera’s “Yodobashi” was named from the town name 淀橋, not from the bridge name. Incidentally, Town name “Yodobashi” was obsoleted at 1970, so you can’t find Yodobashi town now. 🙂

金環日食 annular eclipse at Tokyo

As you know, a solar eclipse was observed at Japan yesterday.
I took pictures of an annular eclipse at Tokyo.

It was cloudy yesterday, but the sun was peeped through the breaks in the clouds.
a solar eclipse

Unfortunately, at the time of an annular eclipse, the sky was completely covered with clouds.
But it was very thin clouds, so we could took pictures of the eclipse.
Annular Eclipse at Tokyo
It looks like a burning ring?

Annular Eclipse at Tokyo: THE END
This is the end of the annular eclipse.
What a fantastic show!

哲学堂公園の桜 (Sakura at Tetsugaku-do Park)

Sakura season has passed. I took many pictures of 桜(Sakura; cherry blossoms) last month.

Here shows 哲学堂公園(Tetsugaku-do Park) at Nakano-ku, Tokyo.
From a station “Ochiai-minami-nagasaki“, on foot, it takes about 15 minutes.

Yes, many people enjoyed 花見(Hanami). 🙂