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都営大江戸線 Toei Ōedo Line

At 新江古田駅(Shin-egota Station) of Toei Ōedo Line, which is a subway line in Tokyo.

アブラゼミ – the large brown cicada

In summer, Japanese people are surrounded by sounds of cicadas.

Today, I found a cicada just after the eclosion in a nearby park.
アブラゼミ(Aburazemi; the large brown cicada) is very popular in Japan, especially in the urban area.

Under Construction

I glimpsed the crane at a construction site.

At Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

ミックスフライ定食 – A set meal of various fries

ミックスフライ定食(Mix fry Teisyoku) is “Teisyoku of various fries”. “Teisyoku” means a set menu and commonly consists of rice, miso soup, and some Okazu(side dish).
This Teisyoku’s Okazu are: 冷や奴(Hiya-yacco; cold Tofu), fried shrimp, fried onion, and fried pig meat.

At lunch time in Japan, many office workers eat Teisyoku. ミックスフライ定食 is a popular one.
I took this photo at Shinjuku.

都電荒川線 – Toden Arakawa Line

都電荒川線(Toden Arakawa Line) is a tram in Tokyo. The tram connect Minowabashi to Waseda.

At first, I got on the tram at Kishi-BoJin-mae station.

Then I visited Waseda station, walked around there.
豚 豚 豚
This restaurant shows “豚 豚 豚”, means “pig pig pig”. 🙂

There is Waseda University near the station.
My friend at the Campus of Waseda University.

Inside the tram.

Then I got off the tram at Arakawa-Shakomae (Arakawa Garage).

I walked to the next stop, Arakawa-yūenchimae (Arakawa Amusement Park).
The wired world in Tokyo

I enjoyed my tiny journey.