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Yodobashi Children’s Park

At Yodobashi Children’s Park(よどばし児童遊園), Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo.

赤坂見附駅 Akasaka-mitsuke Station

Akasaka-mitsuke Station is in Minato-ku, Tokyo, operated by Tokyo Metro Subway.
This station is a labyrinth exactly.
See the Station map.

Only when changing from Marunouchi Line to Ginza Line, it’s easy and reasonable to transfer because they share the same platforms.

Lunch at Nishi-Shinjuku (West Shinjuku)

One day, I took my lunch at 舟場 (Senba), Nishi-Shinjuku.
Delicious one! 🙂

ママチャリ – a bike for a mother

ママチャリ(Mama-Chari) is a very popular vehicle in Japan, means “A bicycle for a mother”. ママ means “mother”, and チャリ means “Bicycle”.
These words are slang, so we don’t use this term in the formal situation.

ママチャリ is a generic term of reasonable and sturdy bicycles. It costs about 10,000 Yen, and many japanese people (not only mothers, but also young men/women, elderly people, high school students, etc.) ride on it.

Of course, I have my ママチャリ. 🙂

Chinese Restaurant 珍珍亭

The chinese restaurant at Higashinagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
Kanji 珍 means “remarkable” or “rare”, and 亭 means restaurant.