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石神井公園 Shakuji Park

石神井公園(Shakuji Park) is located in Nerima-ku, Tokyo.
From Ikebukuro station, I got on Seibu Ikebukuro Line and got off at Shakujii-kōen Station.

This large park has two pounds, and you can take a boat.


Autumn leaves at Moroyama Park (Itabashi, Tokyo)

紅葉(red & yellow leaves) season! I visited 茂呂山公園(Moroyama Park) at Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
* autumn leaves
もみじ(Momiji) leaves.

yellow & red leaves

yellow & red leaves
Red & yellow momiji leaves. So beautiful.

もみじ momiji

大久保駅 Okubo Station

Here is Okubo station, in the north of Shinjuku.
Okubo is one of Tokyo’s largest Korean areas, so there are many Korean food shops.