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郵便ポスト (post box)

What color is a postbox in your country? In Japan, it’s red.
old type
The postbox in Japan is usually cuboid, but you can sometimes see such a pillar box which is old-fashioned.

In addition, you can see blue one in this picture.

It’s for express letters. But many Japanese don’t know even the existence of the blue one.
We mostly go to the post office to send an express letter, don’t use postbox. From post office, it seems to be delivered earlier, huh?

桜と花見 (cherry blossom and Hanami)

花見 means “flower viewing”, and this “flower” is mostly cherry blossom.

Hanami is a sort of outdoor party, so eating and drinking is more important than viewing flowers. In Spring, many Japanese people have lunch or dinner beneath the cherry trees.

I took these photos at Shukugawara Sta., JR Nambu Line, Kanagawa Prefecture.
During the Hanami season, famous park like Ueno is too crowded to enjoy…

交通信号(traffic light)

This is a typical Japanese traffic light directed to cars. It has green, yellow, red light. Each color means:
green: go
yellow: stop, unless the emergency brake is needed
red: stop

Green lights are often called “blue” in Japan.
Young people tend to call blue, and older people tend to call green. (Why? I don’t know.)

自動販売機(vending machine)

Maybe you’ve heard that vending machines are overflowed in Japan. That’s absolutely right, the machines are everywhere! You can find them at the station, on the street, at the center of rice paddy, at the top of the mountain. (believe me)

You can buy drink, cigarette, railway tickets, ice cream, rice, vegetables, pornography.

公衆電話 (Pay Telephone)

Since cell phone is in widespread use in Japan, you can see an empty phone booth everywhere.

The green pay phone is old fashion. You can use a telephone card.
The gray one is newer. Of course, telephone cards are available. And you can turn up/down the volume, use your notebook with the modular connector.