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オオシマザクラ – Oshima zakura

This is 大島桜(オオシマザクラ; Oshima zakura), which is a variety of Sakura.
When オオシマザクラ starts to bloom, they have young leaves already. So オオシマザクラ has a green appearance.(Green Sakura?)

On the other hand Somei-Yoshino, the most popular variety of Sakura, blooms without leaves. So they have pink appearance.

Sakura and HV Power Line

At the Arakawa River, Tokyo.

Sakura in the Hibiya park

日比谷公園(Hibiya Park) is located nearby the Imperial Palace, and you can walk from Yurakucho Station or Hibiya Station.

There are flower gardens, and music halls in the park. Of course, you can see Sakura blossoms here.
Spring has come.

寒桜 (Kan Sakura)

カンザクラ (寒桜)
寒桜(カンザクラ; pronounced Kan-Zakura) means “Sakura in the cold season”.
In Tokyo, famous Sakura “Somei-Yoshino” blossoming begins at the end of March or the beginning of April, but you can see Kan-Zakura blossoming late in February.

I took these photos on Feburuay 24, in the Koishikawa Botanical Gardens, The University of Tokyo.

荒川の桜 (Sakura near the Arakawa River)

Higashi-ōjima Station is near the Arakawa River, and famous for Cherry blossom trees.
* sakura
Here is the riverbed of the Arakawa River.