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郵便ポスト (post box)

What color is a postbox in your country? In Japan, it’s red.
old type
The postbox in Japan is usually cuboid, but you can sometimes see such a pillar box which is old-fashioned.

In addition, you can see blue one in this picture.

It’s for express letters. But many Japanese don’t know even the existence of the blue one.
We mostly go to the post office to send an express letter, don’t use postbox. From post office, it seems to be delivered earlier, huh?

Definitive stamp (50 yen)

A definitive stamp for postcards in Japan is 50 yen, a mandarin duck.

This stamp has interesting perforation. Center one is not circle, but ellipse. This perforation comes in just these days(from about January, 2010), so you can see both normal perforation and ellipse perforation now.

Stamps of Mandarin duck appeared in 2007. Previous definitive stamps(50 yen) was Mejiro.

In Japanese, メジロ(Mejiro) means “the white eye”. Yes, their eyes have white fringe.
I prefer this Mejiro rather than current mandarin duck. This Mejiro is pretty simple and fancy, isn’t it?