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Sumidagawa 隅田川

From 新大橋, across the Sumida River.

Tokyo Skytree and Supermoon

It was cloudy on June 23 (Supermoon) in Tokyo, Japan. I couldn’t see the moon at all…
So I took these photos on June 22, the day before supermoon. I went to the bottom of Tokyo skytree by bicycle 🙂

To see Tokyo Skytree, the view from Asakusa Station(浅草駅) is convenient. I took this photo at the Sumida Park, nearby Asakusa station.

At dusk in Asakusa station, you can see many 屋形船(Yakatabune) on the 隅田川(Sumidagawa).

Work on the River

Under the Shuto Expressway No.7.
At Ninohashi, the bridge between Sumida-ku and Kōtō-ku, Tokyo.